Accessibility statement

 It has been attempted to comply with the standards currently used on this website, HTML 5 and CSS.

 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1) have been applied to ensure maximum accessibility.

 Some of the aspects that have been taken into account include:

  • Using the “alt” attribute for images.
  • Avoiding the use of tables for page layout.
  • Creating a layout using CSS and a liquid design to adapt to any screen resolution.
  • Using meaningful text in links.
  •  Avoiding low-contrast color combinations and conveying information solely through color.
  • Proper focus order and visibility.
  • Headers and labels that describe their purpose.
  • Avoiding videos with three flashing lights in less than 1 second.

All pages have a title (the tag) consisting of the website title and the page title to assist in navigation and proper storage in the browser’s “favorites” or “bookmarks.”

For example, the title of this page is “Accessibility Statement.”

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