About us


We manufacture quality and sustainable design moldings, as well as the machining and manipulation of other materials such as aluminum, PVC and polyurethane, providing our clients with personalized solutions.


We want to be a global benchmark in quality and know-how in the sector, providing added value in machining, durability and finishes.



Sermoble SA was born as a company dedicated to the manufacture of furniture moldings in 1989. Since then, the company has been evolving as market trends and the needs of our clients have changed, incorporating new materials such as aluminum, iron, polyurethane and foamed PVC.

We manufacture to customer request with exclusive profiles for each manufacturer. Clients present their needs to us and our technical team, with many years of experience, studies how to satisfy them with the best quality and at the lowest possible cost.

We start with solid wood moldings, then the moldings with MDF support and stable wood covered with synthetic papers and wood veneer.


With the new ranges of furniture in melamine, imitation, high-quality wood, including open-pore drawings, the moldings are also covered with melamine papers, always with the same design as the melamine to give uniformity and quality to the furniture.

Aluminum profiles were incorporated into furniture designs and we, always up to date with the latest trends from the best manufacturers, expanded our range of products to display cabinet, closet, bathroom doors, etc. Made with aluminum profiles, both raw and coated with synthetic and natural sheets.

The incorporation of high-tech machinery makes the machining of the parts perfect and their assembly easy for the operator. In this case we offer the possibility of serving the doors assembled with glass design chosen by the client or to be assembled in their facilities.     

We machine and varnish the profiles so that our clients only have to attach it to their products.

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